A visit to Kaghan, Naran, Shogran and Kewai

This is Usman Khawaja from Sialkot and I want to share an amazing experience of a beautiful trip to northern areas of Pakistan – Kaghan Valley – Naran Valeey – Shogran and Kewai. My friends Usman Munier (Now staying in USA and working for a giant chip-making company as a technology consultant) & Tayyab Mughal (CEO of Indus Motor Wheels) were there with me to make it a trip of my life. Our friends Usman Mughal (now studying in Australia) and Naeem Ibrahim (Working in Bank Al-Mashriq – UAE) could not join us because the financial year was about to end and they had to complete their tasks.

I visited Kaghan, Naran and Shogran last year (2007) in the mid of May. Kaghan valley is naturally equipped with high peak mountains, richly greenish meadows, plateau and thick pine forests. I will definitely prefer you and others to visit this valley and then you will definitely feel that if heaven lies somewhere on earth then it truly lies here.

Naran valley view after heavy rain
Naran valley view after heavy rain

Well, your journey to Kaghan valley will start from Abbotabad. You will pay just 30 Rs/ person from there to reach Mansehra. There you can easily find Toyota Hiace or busses going to Kewai (A middle place between Shogran and Kaghan-Naran). I prefer you stay in Kewai for a while and do not forget taking breakfast/fast food from its only under-water restaurant. This refreshment meal is a specialty of Kewai.

Hotel Pine Park at Khanniyan near Kaghan
Hotel Pine Park at Khanniyan near Kaghan

 Actually Kewai is the central hub of Kaghan valley from where a separate road goes to Shogran, Siri and Paye. You can hire a jeep from Kewai to Shogran by paying 300-400 Rs. The road to Shogran is very thrilling because of its extensive steep height. The front wheels of the jeep/car will be 2-4 feet higher than back wheels. But the forest on the way is a real beauty which is un-matchable. After reaching Shogran, you can find a good hotel in just 400-500 Rs (In summer season the prices are high and may range between 1500-2500 Rs). Shogran is yet another central point for these three places (Shogran, Siri,Paye) where hotels, restaurants and all other necessary amenities are available. You must rest there for 1 night at least and then rent a jeep again for going to Siri & Paya which are one of the most peak stations of Kaghan Valley. Usually people do not stay there for night and after enjoying whole day at Siri and Paye mountains they move back to Shogran in their hotels. Then you can proceed to Naran by going down from Shogran to Kewaii again. Take jeep, bus or Hiace from Kewaii chowk leading to Naran via Kaghan Bazar. You will love this journey for sure and it will take 2 hours to reach Naran from Kewai. Fastly moving river Kunhar will be shouting at one side of the road and it will remain your companion until you reach Naran.

A little glacier with fast, pure and cold flodded water near Naran valley
A little glacier with fast, pure and cold flodded water near Naran valley

 Naran is surrounded by very high mountains. You will feel dark in Naran valley in afternoon because these high mountains will stops sun light to reach in the valley. There again you can find a very good hotel in 400-500 Rs but as said earlier that the prices may be higher (between 1500-3000 Rs) in summer season. Naran also has a small bazaar like Murree mall road. You can enjoy fishing there in Kunhar river which flows with Naran road at one side. People go to spend a whole day in Jheel-Saif-AlMaluk and the journey starts from Naran and it takes just 1 hour to reach there. This 1 hour journey will take you to hundreds of feet higher than the ground. What should I say about Jheel Saif-AlMaluk, it is nevertheless the most beautiful lake in the world. You can enjoy horse riding there and the surrounding hills are the highest peaks of whole Naran valley. One of the renowned mountains is Malika Parbat which is placed on the left of the jheel.

Shogran - Pine Park hotel ground in the back View
Shogran - Pine Park hotel ground in the back View

Please make sure that traveling distance to Naran is much longer but the hoteling and meal expenses are economical. I have tried to give you a little introductory information of Shogran, Kaghan and Naran. If you have already visited Kagahn Valley then please feel free to share your experience in this blog. But if you are planning to visit some hill stations in Pakistan then I recommend you to visit Kaghan valley this time. I am sure you will find yourself very close to nature.

Entering Naran Valley
Entering Naran ValleyNaran bazar

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  2. Dear nice information you have provided, but also include pictures of naran valley that will be more facinated .

  3. is it safe to travel to these locations these days. are these areas affected by militancy in any way?

    looking forward to urgent reply plzzz .

  4. Hello Adeel,

    Yes. It is safe to travel Kaghan-Naran valley in these days. Lots of families are making their ways in these areas to get rid of hotness for a while 🙂 Well, according to the latest reports, road from Balakot to Kaghan bazar is not good but still drivable. Actually this route is under construction. But road, onward to Naran is perfect and hotels in Naran are cheap these days ranging between 350-600Rs per night. The most amazing attraction of this area; lake Saiful Maluk is half frozen because of heavy snow fall in this season and jeeps will take you to the nearest spot on road to take. Then you need to hike for 12-15 minutes to reach lake. This is update so far from Kaghan valley.

    I hope you will find this information helpful.

  5. There are no security issues in Kaghan valley. I just returned after a 9 day trip to Kaghan-Naran-Shogran with my wife and trust me everything is just perfect. The place is out of this earth, facilities are good, road is partly under construction but a car can make through.

    Tourism is the only industry of this region and the people of the area depend on this. Please do visit, if you have any plan to and don’t be afraid of security issues – there is no problem at all.

  6. salam, this is a very good detail provided by usman sahb.kaghan valley is my own place, we were moved from there to here in islamabad. we are going to there to spend a month over there inshallah.just surfing to search some information about Shogran, and i got it from this. thanx a lot.
    Umme Asad.

    1. Salam, Really Khaghan has natural beauty. Now its roads are widen and in very good condition. By the way Kaghan Vally is also my home town. Welcome to all those want to visit Kaghan Vally.

  7. thats nice. will any one provide hotel phone numbers because i want go there in august from 09 august to 20 august.

  8. Salaam Usman (and guys visiting)! Excellent intro to Kaghan Valley. I am planning a visit with family (kids included) from 7th August to 15th August and possible itinerary would be Nathiagali (Stay) – Thandiani (Day Trip)- Abbotabad (Transit only)- Kewai (2 hours) – Shogran (Stay) – Sri (Day Trip) – Paye (Day Trip) – Kewai (Transit) – Naran (Stay) – Saifalmaluk – Babusar Top – Back. We would be in Nathiagali on 7th. With kids, I have travelled all hill stations as far as Nathiagali and Thandiani – no more. We have our own jeeps (5 door Prado, 4 of them) and have our own servants in a double cabin Toyota Vigo and in a Suzuki Bolan. I am not too sure about the best living hotels/cottages at Shogran/Naran, but I have heard there are some excellent ones (more suitable for families) at a higher costs. Now I want some opinions (please…) from you guys: 1- Can you guide me how I should pln my trips out (timing of the day are crucial to drive in these areas, right?) 2- Where to go or not go (considering kids from 4 to 14 with us)? 3- Which best places to reside at (even if at higher costs) and phone numbers of such places (for booking)? 4- From where can we take an able-bodied guide to stay with us for the trip (as early as nathiagali or Kewai would suit us)? 5- Can we, by any chance, plan visit to Aansoo Lake, Sat Sri Mala, Dudipatsar Lake etc with kids as young as 4?? If not, which areas would be still better? Thanks in advance to all of you, especially Usman.

    1. Just returned from naran on 21st of this month.
      Ansoo lake(never been there myself) is abt 4-5 hrs from lake saif ul maluk, one can hire horses even thn more thn half of the track is possible by foot, and it is nt safe to camp there if one is with family.

      Better prefer travelling at day time in area above Balakot, as there the construction teams are on their way repairing the route, so one can face blocks(due to blasting or a natural slide)

      There is not much worth time apending in Shogran, as one can visit sirri (have small water taalaab) and payaa (ground at one of the highest altitude) in total of 3 hrs time(50 minutes of trip a side), only possible through local jeep(costs Rs 1500) which are easily available.

      Thn leave for naran.
      A. Lake saif ul maluk
      B. I was been to lulusar lake back in 2007 was worth seeing (as much bigger thn the lake saif ul maluk) but the route at that time was quite dangerous at end inatead JALKHAND is also a beautifl place, accesible from naran through car(a good road)
      C. Lalazar …also a good place (the route is quite narrow but the locals jeep drivers are the experts so one can rely on them for lalazar nd lulusar lake)

      4.Pine Park Hotel in Shogran is best among all, as one have the choice between hving a room (Rs 3000+)or even a seperate cottage(Rs 7000 +).

      5.In naran there are lot of gud places to reside at, like PTDC’s soori cottatges(6000 RS app) …rooms(3300Rs app) are also available. Have a good privacy, as this area is out of the crowded market area of naran, also have large gud lawn area plus the sound of fast flowing kunhar river.

  9. Dear Juma Khan, you may find useful info on http://www.visitkaghan.com, however, you should drive in daylight. As you are going with your family, then in Kagan valley, you should visit Shogran, Sri, Paya, Lake Saif-ul-maluk, Lake lulusar, Noori top (strongly recommended – as more 90% people don’t visit but its the real beauty of Naran if you reach on the top) & Lalazar. From Naran. you can hire a guide but don’t try to visit every place on your own jeep as its moon soon season & some routes are more difficult for driving like Noori Top & Sri / Paya. Please avoid to visit the Ansoo Lake, Sat Sri Mala (not sure about it) & Dudipatsar with family as these are the most difficult treks in Naran valley & you cannot use any Vehicle & you will have to reach there on foot after spending 4-8 hours (for Dudipatsar & Ansoo Lake).

  10. I visited Naran/Kaghan Valley last month. Its very safe no security concerns at all. The road from Balakot is safe but a lot of construction is going on due to frequent land slides. There are several good places to stay in Naran.Must visit are Lake Saif-ul-Muluk & Lulusar. Both lakes are accessible by jeeps. I had come from USA & was worried about security, but was pleasantly surprised how safe & secure these areas are.

    People MUST visit these areas, it is like heaven on Earth. Very beautiful & safe, nice friendly people, cheap food & accomodation,& all basic facility is avaliable. Cell/Mobile phones do work till Naran. UFone,jazz & Telenor work. Warid works till Kaghan.

    PTDC motel in Naran is excellent has a very good resturant, also about 20 minutes before Naran there are Perina Cottages(not sure of exact spelling) it is on the banks of River Kunhar has all the facilities & is not expensive about Rs.1500-4000.It has beautiful views & all the privacy you want.

  11. I have plane to going NARAN AND KAGHAN VALLEY with my 5 friends after EID. You people please guide me how much expences in this tour.All hoteling Traveling Food etc…..

  12. Hi,
    Great article about a great place. I first saw a picture of Saiful Muluk when I was a school boy ane wondered wheterh I will ever the majesty and beauty of that place! I managed to so in April 2004 and it wst he end of winter! It was frozen solid but what struck me was the deafening silence in that high atmosphere – it was quiet like nowhere in the world. It was also very clean and air was fresh.
    Incidently I am not a Pakistani- I am a Malaysian from Kuala Lumpur. Guys you have some fantastic spots in your country. I and my family totally enjoyed the trip not only to Kagan ana surrounding areas but also the Swat Valley then ( I do speak your language though – Punjabi, Hindko and Urdu). I made the trip to show my children the place from where their Great gandfathers originated!!! Salam.

  13. Hi Please advise is it possible to visit naran valley in mid of April. I am asking because I have called to book PTDC Motel Naran and they told me that they open from mid of May.

    1. I think mid of April is not a recommended month to visit Naran and adjacent areas because all peaks and most of the roads are snow covered during these days. I visited Naran valley in the start of 2nd week of April and roads were not open yet. No sedan car was able to enter Naran valley. So we parked our cars in one of the hotels in Kaghan and hired jeeps from there. You wouldn’t believe this but jeep also attempted more than 5 times to cross glaciers peaks that come almost 4 KMs before entering Naran valley. I don’t recommend visiting Naran in April if you are planning to go with your family. Secondly only a couple of hotels were open to serve you in that time and no other shop or restaurants were open to welcome you. There were only two families there in whole Naran valley at that time and that’s why we did not prolong our stay in Naran and moved back to Shogran where we see a few visitors and families. Although they were not in great number but still more than we saw in Naran.

      I think a good season to visit Naran Valley starts from ending week of May when most of the hotels are open and roads are all cleared. You cna easily enter Naran valley on your car no matter if it is Mehran, Cuore or Alto etc.

      Please ask if you need any further information and I will be glad to assist you.

  14. assalam brother am from india can i go there and visit that place is there any restrictions for indian

    1. @ejaz, exactly not. There is no such restriction for foreigners belonging to any country, nation or religion. Pakistan’s northern areas are very peaceful and full of tourists’ attractions. The localities here are very humble and famous for their hospitality. Thousands of foreigners visit these areas each year and they are free to move/visit any hill station on that route.

      If you are planning to come here in Pakistan for visiting these areas then I believe you will feel the same as I said above.

  15. Is it possible to reach shogran in a car like mehran, cuore etc . i need ur urgent reply. as we r planning to visit this place in our car

    1. @Sana, Yes. You can easily make till Shogran on Mehran or cuore without any problems. The touring season is getting on in these northern areas and there will be no issues of food availability or hotels etc.

      Let me also guide you about the road condition which is much better than last year. Most of the road till Naran is all carpeted but a few small chunks are left and they are speedily under construction. But I think you should have no problems reaching Shogran on a small car even.

      Enjoy your trip.

  16. Hi usman , just went thru ur blog .. no doubt u have captured the real beauty of heaven on earth, i have been to these places several times . places like naran , kaghan , chillas valley , babusar top , jal khand , mana medows , lake saif ul mulook , soghran , sri and paye, but all these times ive used the public transport and jeeps to explore these places , this june (12th to be exact) im planning to move in my own car so i need some suggetions.
    place of journey origin = Karachi
    number of ppl = 4 males including me (me and my other frnd will be driving all the way)
    car : corolla saloon (2008) cng n petrol
    please guide the shortest possible route if u have any idea from karachi as u r living in sialkot but still if u can guide me from isb or muree , im planning to take on my car till naran and the second thing is that ive been to the places above pls tell me if there are other spots to xplore in naran valley other then the mentioned above as i have been to these places twice the recent one waas in august 2009 , ive heard about norrie top hows da place? and kindly do let me know if there are other tracks to xplore as ill be leaving my car in naran n will be hiring jeep fir further adventure

    1. @ Azfer, Since you have already visited Naran valley and surrounding attractions on public transport but this time, you are going to attempt using your own car so I am sure this will be a different kinda fun for you and you will feel more rejoiced. Actually, when you are on your wheels, you have all the freedom and authority to stop your car anywhere to enjoy the naturally filled scenetic views of Kaghan valley. Anyways, let me suggest you a shortest and even safer route to reach Naran valley. The condition in Abbotabad – Balakot area is good at the moment but it is still un-predictable and conditions may change suddenly anytime due to Hazara province movement. BTW, there is a safe and secure route to enter Balakot which goes from Murree-Bhurban-Kohala-Muzaffarabad-Garhi Habib ullah- Balakot. On this route, you actually don’t enter Abbotabad and Mansehra and reach Balakot via Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Please note that, this route is quite wonderful than Abbotabad-Balakot and filled with greenery all around. I will recommend you to go by this route because it is short and will take only 3 hours from Murree to reach Balakot.

      Nori Nar Top is full of panoramic views and it is really a place to remember. Park your car in Naran and hire a jeep that will take you to you Noori Nor Top situated on Jalkhad – Sharda road. Other visiting attractions include Lalazar plateau (road goes upward from Battakundi), Lake Lulusar, DudiPatsar and Saral (road starts from Besal). But above all these places let me introduce you a very pleasant, calm and beautiful place named as Sharan valley. It is an isolated place which is 2.5 Hours 4wd from Paras. It is an amazingly beautiful place in the foot of Musa Ka Musala Top. But I think you will not find any good hotel or rest house there so you better get some camping equipment with you which is an important component to have on journeys like these.

  17. Hi Usman,

    I am planning to visit Naran on 5th of June. I will strta my journey from Karachi, reaching Islamabad by air and then hire a Hiace van towards Shogran. I am planning to visit these areas with my family (having some infacts as well :). can you kindly guide me regarding weather and road condition and places to visit?. I will be grateful to you.

    Thanks !

    1. @Danish, Shogran is a beautiful spot in Kaghan valley located on top of mountain and I suggest you to visit it, I am sure it will please you. From Shogran you can hire a jeep and go further upward to visit Siri and Paye. This place stands for one of the best lush green meadows and scene-ful sites. You can’t take Hiace there because the road is a little narrow for it and the track is purely jeepable. The most beautiful attraction for visitors in Kaghan valley is Naran and lake saiful-maluk. You must never miss visiting these places otherwise your trip is in-complete. There are more wonderful places on this route but since you have infants and your family with you so I can’t recommend you to visit Lalazar, Lake Lulusar, Lake DudiPatsar, Noori Nor Top or Babusar pass etc. These places can’t be visited in a single day and you need to camp somewhere on these stations which may never be comfortable for you or your family. So, I think you should limit your trip till Shugran, Siri, Paye, Naran and Saiful-Maluk lake. I hope this will enjoy every bit of your time spent in Kaghan valley.

      Regarding the weather conditions, the weather in Naran is quite pleasant in sunlight but you need warm clothes to wear in night. Sometimes, weather changes dramatically and thick black clouds cover the whole valley in day time and rain starts soon after that. But this weather change is actually the beauty of Naran valley.

      The road condition up to Naran is superb because a new carpeted road is being constructed this year so you will enjoy the drive as well. There are just a few small patches somewhere on the road which are being fixed speedily by the local authorities. So in short, I hope you will enjoy every bit of your time spent in Kaghan valley.

  18. @Usman..

    thanks usman for the useful info , this will really help me in my upcoming tour.. can u please guide if its feasible to go by own car to shogran?

    1. Yes. Why not. You can easily make till Shogran on any car. I hae seen Cuores and Mehrans there so I find no issues for any car to reach there.

  19. When you visited Naran. What about road from Balakot to Naran. Is it OK. Can a coach (25 seater) ride over there. We visited Nanar in June the year of Earth quick. Now we planned again for Naran upto Babusar in the second week of June, 2010. Abdullah Travelers are going to planned their Coach Service from Lahore to Naran as usual just after June,15. but we are going at out own transport.

    1. The current road condition is superb than last year. I have been visiting Naran for last 3 consecutive years. I just came back in last month from Naran and the road is completely carpeted from Balakot to Naran. There are a few very small patches on the road somewhere but they are not bumpy at all and being fixed very rapidly. The road is wider than last year and very smooth. You can easily reach Naran on any transport but I am not sure the road to Babusar will be opened by the mid of June. I know that road clearance work is speedily in progress but I think it will take end of June at least to completely open the route till Babusar Pass. Anyways, happy travelling and enjoy your trip.

  20. Dear All

    i have visited Abottabad, Balakot, Naran Shogran till BabusirPass last year in august. Road condiotion from balakot ot kagan is not very good and construction work in progress at many places. i was on my car Suzuki Cultus road conditions for car was not very bad at that time. but towards babusir pass i have hired a jeed because naran to jalkhad road is very good but jalkhad to babusir pass its only a jeep track. Road is under construction.

    if any one need any other information plaese feel free to contact me


    1. Right after Babusar Pass, the renowned place that comes is Besal from where the tracks to Lulusar and Dodipatsar lake start.

  21. Yes Basel when you come from babusar pass towards Naran. If you go further from babusir pass then you have landed in a challas valley. only 30 to 35 Kilometers from babusir pass.

  22. Dear Usman

    how r u,,
    as i have planed to visit along with my family next year
    the same area where did o go also
    but let me know,is it ok to go there in month of April or end of March
    i mean weather condition will be normal in those days also


    Azmat Ali

    1. @Azmat, April or end of March is not a good season to enjoy Kaghan Vallet at its full. In April, you will be hardly able to reach till Shogran but reaching Naran will be very difficult or near to impossible. Once I visited Naran in mid of April and I could not reach Naran valley on my car because of the heavy snowfaal this year and glaciers had blocked all the roads. We hired 4×4 jeeps from Balakot but it was very difficult for Jeeps also to cross glaciers and we were like stuck between the road. The hotels in Naran are not open in these months and you will not find any eatables there. So if you are planning to visit this valley with your family, I recommend you to plan your trip from June – August. This is a best season to enjoy every bit of this beautiful valley and you can reach there on your wheels also.

  23. Hi Everybody !

    One advice please make the return journey from siri paye on foot instead of jeep because u will get a lot fun and enjoyment.use short cuts and tracks. waqar

  24. Hi Usman,
    Thank u for this enormous and full of useable info for the tourists to be
    of the kagan valley. I been searching for current info about the kagan valley roads, motels, food joints, and an average expense just to have
    a real view of the travelling before hand. As per saying a well prepared tourist always stays out of troubles. Bravo and keep it up.
    fareed khan

    1. @Fareed, The road from Balakot till Jalkhad is in superb condition than last year. I visited Kaghan – Naran in mid of April 2010 and almost 95% road is carpeted and wider than before. There are a few very small patches on the road somewhere that are speedily filled-up. So as far as road condition is concerned, all types of cars can easily reach till Naran.

      Now the season is ON so all hotels in the Kaghan valley are open to serve you. The food quality is not very good but i think, the supreme motive of every tourist is just to enjoy the natural beauty of this place so you can compromise on food quality 🙂

      As said earlier that season has just started in Naran so the hotels can charge you 1500-3000 per day and the same price-hike can be observed for eat-ables.

  25. Im planning my trip to Kaghan,Shogran, Naran etc. and adjoining areas on Jun 24,2010 (for a 4/5 day trip). Having goggled for hours I have been unable to find which hotel/resorts in Shogran & Naran are best for the family with 4 adults & 3 infants.

    With regards to Pine Park Hotel which is claimed to be the best of all. The reviews aren`t good. Hence im an in great dilemma as to which hotel would suit me good.

    I have been to Shangrila Resort- Skardu last year where the resort was exceptional.

    I was wondering if any one could tell me if i could find resort like Shangrila in Naran & Shogran where I have planned to stay.

    Will be appreciative if the rates of the rooms and contact numbers of the relevant persons are posted as well.I will be looking for Hotel/resorts which is fit for family.

    – Is it imperative to book the hotel/resort prior to the arrival at the valley. ????

    – And wht will be the rates for a hiace van to take us from Isb to Shorgan???

    Will appreciate a relevant post guys…

  26. @Irfan

    For your information in Shogran Pine Park is only the best hotel. other is in normal range and in Naran you found Trout Land, PTDC Hotel and Some other good hotels also. You can contact Mr. Shoieb which lives Naran all the season and having good information about all the hotels and weather also. given below you can find the details of all these stuff.

    PinePark Hotel @ Naran = 099-7430045
    PineParkHotel @ Shogran = 099-7410222, 099-7410333
    Shoieb Guide @ Naran = 09974-30059, 0333-5748553, 0345-9551259, 0300-5694553.

  27. Salam

    What’s the economical and safest way to travel from murree to shogran with one’s wife, if one doesn’t have own car?


    1. @dada:

      You need to go to Abbottabad from Murree by Toyota Hiace. From Abbottabad you wil go to Mansehra (about 24km). and from Mansehra you will find Toyota Hiace directly for Kaghan-Naran.

  28. slam to all.
    Usman i realy realy appreciate you to give huge information about those areas.i havn’t been there before but now this time when i shall come to pakistan,i shall plan my trip towards naaran with my friends.can you please tell me that approximately what cost will be p/h in month of june if we use our own vehicle.and any other updates about the way to go there.i know its peak season but i just want to get some idea about it…your this infromationt will be very helpful for my journy.
    thank to all those people who are sharing thier experience here..GOD bless u all

  29. please find the detail below

    If you start travel from Lahore and visit Naran, Kagan, Shogran and then return back Lahore its approximately 1800 + kilometer.
    Fuel expense of one car is approximately RS-9500 to 10000/- Petrol
    One Room reservation is approximately RS-2500 to 3500/- at per hotel condition.
    Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner per day per person = 300/-
    Travel on jeep when visit Lake Saif-Al-Malook: Naran to Saif-Al-Malook RS-2000/- one jeep sitting capacity 6 to 8 adults One Day Trip
    Travel on Jeep when visit Lake LoloSir, BabuSir Pass & Lalazar RS-5000/- one day trip.
    Travel on jeep when visit Siri Paie at shogran RS-3500/- one day trip.

    If you need any thing more feel free to contact me.

  30. I am planning to go to Kaghan from Muree during 2nd week of July 2010, if i rent a car (toyota Corrolla) can any one tell how long will it take to reach there in hours,Is corrolla a good option… how safe this journey during monsoon, i have kids as well..whcih hotel is good to stay in Kaghan…apprecaite your advice.

    1. Rao

      no problem with Toyota Corrolla.
      Murree to Abbottabad 2:30 Hours
      Abbottabad to Mansehra 30 Min to 45 Min
      Mansehra to Balakot 2:00 Hours
      Balakot To Kaghan 3:00 hours
      Total Murree to Kaghan is approximately 7 to 8 hours. if you found no hurdels at road.


  31. hi there,
    i am planning trip to naran with my family (6 adults & 3 children under 3yrs age & an infant) on 13th july,2010.

    i ve made following plan. plz help me improve it. Idea is to make it best memorable while keeping it as economical as possible.

    i intend to go by public transport (on hiace from rwp to mansehra, stay of 1,2 hrs in mansehra for lunch, then on hiace straight to naran. overnight stay in naran
    next day on jeep to saifulmalook. overnight stay in naran
    next day…. (help me choose a place which is economical and easy to go with family)
    next day.(i have half day please advise some place. at 1 o clock i start for return to pindi

    any comment will be valuable.

    Zahid Asif

    1. Slaam Zahid

      how are you i am wishing you a happy journey. You plan is good after visiting Saifulmalook you can visit nest day Lalazar is the great place but road is much difficult and is a jeep road.
      Then you can move back to Shogran from KLawai Stay one day their and visit Sari Paye is the best place I have seen. If you need any other infor then please call me my cell number is

  32. I travelled from Islamabad to Naran along with my family on July 6, 2010. It was my second visit to the area. I had visited Kaghan valley for the first time in May 1985 when I was a student of MBA in Punjab University. At that time, the road was in shambles and it was scary to travel along the shouting Kunar River. After 25 years, I found out that things have changed to a great extent. The road is excellent apart from few patches which are currently being fixed. I, my wife and my three kids travelled in Cultus and it turned out to be very exhilarating experience as well as ride.
    Travelling to Lake Saif Ul Maluk on jeep was very adventurous. On my first visit in 1985, I and my classmates had hiked from Naran to Lake Saif ul Maluk. I found out that the lake has to some extent lost its beauty because of the encroachments in from of food huts which hinder the view of the lake. In addition, I noticed people eating mangos and other stuff and then throwing them in the lake, polluting it to some extent.
    I also visited Jhalkad which is about 57 km from Naran. The road is absolutely fantastic and the view simply takes away your breath. There were few glaciers on the road as well, making the trip worth while. We could not make it to the end point of Jhalkad because one of the wooden bridges was broken. In spite of this, the travel was worthwhile. My advice to fellow travelers is to explore Jhalkad as well. Try to travel on weekdays rather than weekends in order to avoid rush of travelers. In addition, rather than entering into the Mansehra city which consumes considerable time, travelers can use a bypass. Most of the people are not aware of this bypass. This bypass is on the right side of the road, just short of Karakorum Hotel on main Mansehra road.

  33. salam to usman khawaja i feel a great pleasure to find such a beutiful place where all nomadic souls can share there xperiences i have visited all northern areas except chitral but kaghan vally is out of this world that is why i have traveld there time and time again and every time i feels a new thrill and new xperiens i opend ur site for the first time and by reading u and other brothers i am feeling that iwas companion of all those friends now i am planing to visit in september after eid would u suggest can i travel to noori nor at that time

    1. @Asghar,

      Thanks for your appreciation and kind words. The true purpose of this blog is to promote the hidden pearl pf Pakistan “Kaghan Valley” and giving all the possible useful information to visitors for making their journey more pleasurable.

      Well, I think you can visit Noori Nar Top in September as far as weather conditions are concerned. But most of the hotels and shops in Naran valley will start closing from Ramazan and after eid there will be left very few hotels to entertain you. Since Noori Nor Top is located on a reasonable distance from Naran so the situation can be a little worst there as compared to Naran. I suggets you to keep warm clothes, water and other eatabls with you on your trip.

      1. salam to everyone
        usman bhai @ Me n My 7 friendz are planing 4 tour to naran kaghan from 5th Aug to 10 Aug tell me how i get local transport from peshawer or please guide me how much expences in this tour.All hoteling Traveling Food etc…..

  34. Dear Usman
    You r doing a wonderful job. May Allah shower upon u all His blessings.
    I my self is very fond of visiting and specially own car driving. Its a real love for our beautiful country. Keep it up.
    I want to visit Naran with my family(three kids and wife) from Lahore. I have Honda City. Will it be OK on this track up to Naran?
    How Much time will it take & at what time should I start my journy. I can drive in night easily.
    I my self want to leave Lahore near midnight.
    First stay planned at Abbotabad.
    Kindly suggest me is it right?


    1. @Hussnain, Thanks for your kind words and wishes. Since you will be travelling from Lahore to Naran so the journey is already quite long especially when you have kids with you. I think it will take 11-13 hours to reach Naran. Honda City is a wonderful rider and you should have no problems whatsoever to drive the whole way. I have seen Suzuki Bolan and even Mehran reaching Naran without any problems so Honda City can definitely make there comfortably.

      If you have planned to stay at AbbotAbad first, then you need not to leave Lahore near midnight. You can reach there within 7-8 hours so if you start your journey early in the morning; you will reach abbotabad in day light. From next day, you can start your journey to Naran.

      But above all, I suggest you to reach Naran in one attempt (in a single day) if you can drive for long hours. According to this plan, you must leave Lahore at 10:00 p:m and then you will be crossing Abbotabad – Mansehra in the dawn. The real scenetic journey actually starts after Mansehra. You can have breakfast from Balakot and then drive again on Naran road. There will be coming a couple of very refreshing spots on the way where I suggest you to stay for a while. It will certainly relax your stretched nerves after long drive. You can stay at Kewai, Khanniyan and many other on-road spots near Naran. If you follow this plan, you will reach Naran till 9:00 – 10:00 A:M in the morning. This will save your money and time that you planned to stay at Abbotabad. Drive one night and then reach your destination instead of breaking the rhythm and completing the journey in parts. Well this is my personal thought and I would definitely attempt this plan if I were you.

      Thanks for your attention and drive safe. Please confirm weather conditions there in Naran before you plan your trip. You can get optimal weather updates from this site http://www.wunderground.com/global/PK.html or call Mr. Shoaib (Guide in Naran) at 03005694553. He can pass on the present weather information to you.

      Please ask me if you need any further information.

  35. Hello Usman
    Its really nice to know that something is being done for our real country.
    Its really worth seeing tha kaghan Naran Valley.
    Will write u in detail soon

    Allah Hafiz

  36. Hi Guys, I went thru this website during June when I was planning to go to Kaghan valley and got huge information about places, road and hotels. I am not Pakistan resident from last 10 years so my measure concern was security issue because I plan to travel with family. Usman website and comments of all travelers give me a very good piece of information to plan the trip. Now, I returned back to UAE after a fascinating and life time experienced trip of Kaghan with more than 2000 pictures and 100 videos I captures to show how beautiful my country is in real to those who always see a bad face of Pakistan. Honestly, my pictures astound them and they assume I visited Switzerland. I have to all mountains from Murree, Patriatta, Nathiagali, Balakot, Kewai, Shogran, Sri Paye, Naran, Saif a malook…since the monsoon started on 23rd July that make my trip to return. I love to go again and will share more memories…May Allah keep our country peace and forgive our sins and make this haven with real followers of His Prophet RASW.

  37. AoA

    dear brothers it was very nice reading all the infi and the comments I am planing to visit pakistan in nov ( next month ) as its not easy for me to get the vications when I want and I was thinking to visit naran kaghan around the end of the month I’ll b only with my wife i’ll really appriciate if you guys can help me with the weather conditions and also any tips that might b usefull 4 me as its going to b my first time there.

    I am planing a trip for a week will 70,000Rs be enough for the hoteling and food and the trips?

    your help will b most appriciated. thanks a lot.

    may God bless you all


  38. Hi Mohammed

    In my opinion, Nov end is not advisable month to travel this place. you will face very harsh weather, cold and snow will not allow you to reach to worth seeing places like Saif Al Malook lake or Sri Paye.As you read the people experiences above, the best month are between June to Sep…otherwise, if you and your wife are real adventurer …try out and share your experience here once return 🙂


  39. i like shogran and abotabad from beautiful palace my favourite spots and my heart spots shogran and kaghan but all pakistan beautiful country

  40. hi Hamza,
    kaghan valley is the one of the beautiful place in world.one who visit should go to shogran plattue and its surrounding areas03229905912 tourist inn hotel provides all facilities in such mountains rooms,cottages,food,jeep,bar-b-q,etc.you will enjoy their a lot…………………

  41. Its really nice once again getting all the first hand information about our Northern Areas through this worthy informative sheet worked by Mr. Khawaja.
    Dear, What r the condition of Road, Hotels and Environment now a days in the valley as I have a plan to go with my family by the mid or end of July,2011.
    Kindly give reference of some fine & comfortable and economical Hotel/motels for prior booking.



  42. Hello friends.
    Now there is a big deal.
    I am going to visit naran from 12th of june 11 to 17th of june 11.
    So i needed your advice.
    The first one is the weather conditions, do we need puffy clothes to protect us from cold.
    Which Cellular network is gonna work there?
    Please let me know ASAP

  43. Salam…….
    me and my all family members are planning to visit Naran and all those areas so i just wanted to ask that what is the temperature there ,will we have to carry jackets with us or it would be okay ………and plz also tell the conditions of hotels there are they gud ..or are they not in gud condition …………..and of course plz tell the road conditions…..i hope u reply soon as we are leaving on wednesday 20 july 2011 .
    thank u

    1. @Shahid, Yes, there is no issue to travel on Mehran and reach there to Naran. The roads are now fully carpeted except some bad patches where the road construction work is at work. But there is no issue with Mehran to reach there.

  44. I’m planning on visit naran kakhan in summer, well I’m 15, my sister is 16 and there is this friends of ours he is 15 too so what I wanted to ask was is it safe for us to have a trip there? And a and how much would it cost for four days stay, food and transport?

    1. @hassantauseef, it is very safe on this route to Naran to travel with your family/friends. No security issues at all.
      Regarding the stay, there prices of hotel are different in peak and off-peak season. They vary from 1000 to 8000 as per the peak season. But if you plan your trip before the mid of june then price of a good hotel will range between 1500-2500 per night. If you have good negotiation skills then you can make it lower too 🙂

      The food is not very good and perhaps tasty if you are a food lover but this is quite understandable as it is a far lived hill station so the food taste can be compromised if you have to stay for a short tenure of time. The price is food is a little expansive but still very affordable.

      The local transport is also affordable but please provide further details about your place of departure so that i can guide you a little further.

  45. We are planning atrip to naran, kaghan and shogran..if we do not book hotels prior to leaving, will we be able to find one? we have two kids with us 4 and 7 yrs old, so we need a room

    1. There is no issue with prior booking as there are plenty of hotels to cater hundreds/thousands of tourists. However, in extreme season between 15th June to mid of August, the hotels are fully rushed with people and you can find some difficulties to find a good hotel. But in such a case, I will advise you not to stay in Naran but you can find a good hotel in Kaghan or any where on-the-way between Kaghan-Naran. They will be more quite, good in standard and economical too.

    1. The road condition is the best than ever as per the latest updates. The road is newly built that goes paved from Balakot till Naran. There is just a 50 meter bad patch on the way between Kaghan and Naran but rest of the road is all carpeted and you can surely enjoy driving on a bike.

  46. Plz koi mjy ye bta dy k jeehl saif ul malook my signals aty hai k nai network ki problem hoti hai? Mre family membrs gay hai pr un sy koi contact ni ho rha agr kse ko pta hi to bta dy plz

    1. @ Maryam

      Mobile works there on lake but partially. Telenor works best there in the valley but still the strength of signals is week somehow. Dont be impatient and when your family reaches down to Naran valley, you will be able to call them and talk.

  47. Hi Usman and Others… Kindly suggest if its advisable to travel to shogran-Naran-Kaghan in the first week of october? I have a 10 months old baby…hopefully…the weather is not too harsh for him? Please suggest at your earliest.. Thanks 🙂

    1. @Maddy

      There ia no issue as far as traveling in October is concerned but the weather will surely start to be cold in night. In day time when there are clouds, the air will be cold. I will advisr you to keep warm cloths of your baby with you and keep him/her covered all the time because clouds may come or partial rain may start anytime in the valley.

      Lastly, you can travel in October with your baby without any issues.

      Have a safe journey.
      Usman Khawaja

    1. @osmansafdar, sure. You can move near to Kaghan in the month of April. The recent rainfall in the mid of March caused some snow fall in Kaghan region so I think you can easily enjoy your journey in Shogran and Kaghan bazar as well. But road onwards to Kaghan shall be closed and covered by heavy glaciers so I will not advise to make an attempt to reach Naran when you have family on-board with you./

      Have a happy journey.

    1. @octoberpink10, you can make trip upto Kaghan in April but road to Naran valley will remain closed until the mid/end of May. Since it is off season so I will suggest to spend more time in Murree or Nathia Gali. Kaghan valley will be very less crowded in these months so you can make your own decision on this.

      I think it would be better if you guys leave Lahore early in the morning and drive straight to Kaghan. It will take 9-10 hours at least to let you reach there. A one day or one night stay trip to Shogran is also recommended. You can plan to stop over at Shogran while coming back from Kaghan. Then from Shogran, you can drive straight to Nathia Gali via Abbotabad. Spend at least one night there and enjoy the best moderate season of this time there. Then from Nathiagali, tour ahead to Murree that shall be just an hour drive from there. In Murree, you can stay for as much days as you can. Then make your way back from Islambabad/Rawalpindi motorway to Lahore while coming back.

      Please ask me further for any further queries you may have.

    2. @OctoberPink, I am going to share the same route and plan that I follow when I go to Naran and Murree on the same trip. Since you are from Lahore, I think you can cover your journey in parts or it will be too long to cover the distance all the way from Lahore till Naran in one go.
      Well I think you can spend one night in Balakot or Sogran – both locations are good for a short or one night stay. In the morning, you will be fresh to enjoy the pleasant ride all the way to Naran with frequent breathtaking spots on the way (Kewai, Kaghan, Khanniyan) that worth to stay for a short time.
      On your way back, you can reach to Murree (via Balakot -> Mansehra -> Abbotabad -> Nathia Gali) in single ride. It will take 7-8 hours drive at least.

      I hope you enjoy your visit and stay. Ask me further for any questions you may have and I will make a prompt reply.

  48. Dear Usman,

    Is it safe to go to Naran-Kaghan 3 days tour with friends by end of this week 29th April to 1st May, 2017? We’ll leave by 28th night (Friday). We’ll be on Cultus car how far we can gowith it? And what is the best way to visit all these places. Should we go to Naran valley and visit Jheel Saiful Maluk first and then on return we should to go shugran and sri paya OR we should first visit Shugran, sri paya and then move ahead for Naran and Jhell Saiful Maluk? Kindly advice…

    1. @Faisal, you can certainly enjoy some of the best weather between April end up to mid of June but I am afraid, you might not reach to Naran on Cultus within these dates (29th April – 1st May 2017). The road entering to Naran will be closed and only 4×4 wheeler jeeps may pass through. So you can go close to Naran on cultus but you can cross through it by hiring a jeep.
      Jheel Saiful Maluk will be closed. You can either plan your trip in the end of May or early June to enjoy most spots in Naran valley or track it on feet if you can not change dates.
      I think you should visit Shogran and Siri Paye first as they are high peek spots and then you can proceed further to visit Kaghan and Naran.
      Have a safe journey and bring warm clothes with you as you may need them in night.

      1. Thank you very much for such a prompt and detailed reply. This will certainly help! جزاک اللہ خیرا

  49. I am in Islamabad right now, I have few foreigners with me who are leaving Pakistan very soon, they want to visit Northeastern areas (Kaghan Valley). Unfortunately there are a few limitations which we have, night stay has to be in Abottabad no other option. Time slot available is am 29 Apr (Saturday) till pm 1 May (Monday) 2017. Can somebody suggest me a best suitable plan that i should go for…. Is it possible to have a day trip to Naran from Abottabad and back, what all places we can visit.

    1. @Faizan, I can understand these limitations with foreigners on board. Well if you could have permissions to have night stay in Balakot then it was perfect to move back and forth easily within Kaghan valley.
      Well I think on 29th, you can go straight to Balakot and visit Shogran. In the afternoon, you can leave for Abbotabad back. Next morning, you can leave early from Abbotabad and reach Kaghan. Spend quality scenic time there and leave back for Abbotabad in the afternoon.
      On final day, you can go to Muree via Nathia Gali. Spend some time there, enjoy good food on the way and reach ISB by the night.
      I hope this plan may work out for you.

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